Any person resident within the Garve and District Community area over the age of 16 is entitled to be a member of the Lochluichart Community Trust.  It is your trust and we encourage all residents to become a member in order that everyone gets a chance to have a say in how the company is run and how the money is spent.

If you fulfil the above criteria and wish to become a member please click on the link below and download the application form.

LCT Membership Application Form V3

Below is a brief summary of your responsibility as a member:

  • Members have the right to attend the annual general meeting (and extraordinary general meeting) and have important powers under the Articles of Association and the Companies Act
  • The members elect people to serve as directors
  • The members approve the financial statements
  • The members take decisions in relation to changes to the Articles
  • Each member has a liability of £1 if the company is wound up

LCT has a legal obligation to keep a register of members including names and addresses and your information is protected by the data protection laws which LCT must abide by.


Below is some Q&A that should help you understand about membership

Why do we have members?

Because LCT is a company it has to abide by the rules set out in the Companies Act 2006.  As A Company Limited by Guarantee and not having share capital our structure is made up to members and directors

Where can I find further details of the rules for setting up this company?

In the LCT Articles of Association, the Community Benefit Agreement and in Companies Act 2006

Why can’t everyone in the community automatically become a member?

We can’t have automatic membership as we cannot legally force anyone to become a member

What does it cost to become a member?

£1, which is the total liability that you have as a member

Why do I have to sign a form to become a member?

By law we need you to sign a form to prove that you volunteered to become a member