Grant Awards March 2022

LCT awarded grants to TGDDC for the GDCore Community Consultation (£26,2200 and to Garve Public hall for Continuing Professional Fees £46,246

LCT has awarded £26,220 to the Garve & District Development Company for the GDCORe project which will appoint independent consultants to take forward community consultation of development of the community's newly acquired land asset. This will result in a business plan which will allow the community to move forward to the development stage

LCT has awarded £46,246 to Garve Public hall for the continuing professional fees associated with the renovation of Garve hall.The grant is to support the renovation of the hall which requires further professional fees above and beyond those originally applied for in April 2020.  This is mainly due to specific professional elements being missed out of the original application that have now been brought to the Trustee's attention

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