At the last 2 LCT AGM's despite there being enough candidates we have not been able to fulfil all vacancies due to the voting process

At the last 2 LCT AGMs we have been unable to fill all the director vacancies despite there being enough applicants.  At the 2022 AGM it was suggested by members that this process should be reviewed with a potential alternative being an ordinary resolution being passed by a majority vote.


The current voting process is determined by the LCT Articles 26 which states that "An ordinary resolution is a resolution passed by more than 50% of the votes cast on the resolution" and Article 44 that states "Any person who is willing to act as a director, and is permitted by law to do so, may be appointed to be a director by ordinary resolution."   Therefore to be elected as a director you must obtain 50% or more of the votes by members present or by proxy.


LCT would very much welcome your thoughts on this and whether you think the process should be reviewed and amended.

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