Date: 17TH November


Present:    Sharon Wright          John Bedwell (JGB)   Jean Bailey                                               Jeanette Fenwick      Chris Hamilton           Karen Grant

Carol Smith (Company Secretary)

Apologies David Raeburn

This meeting was preceded by a presentation by the Garve & District Broadband group.  Separate notes are available for this meeting.


1.1  The Garve & District Broadband Group:  Legal costs £3,400

During the discussion between GDB and LCT it was identified that in order for the project to proceed on time it was necessary for the funding for the legal costs to be approved immediately.  It was proposed by SW and seconded by KG to provide these costs.

POST MEETING NOTE: Following further discussion after the meeting this decision was overturned as it was felt that the whole application should be reviewed before any grant funding decision could be made.  It was agreed to hold a separate meeting at the earliest opportunity to review the full application.



Further information was provided by the applicant including supporting information from RSPB.  As the applicant did not want to take on a larger project it was proposed by JGB and seconded by CH to fund this project and at a later stage to explore the possibility of a larger project managed by The Garve & District Development Company.  This was agreed by all directors.




Date:  Friday 27TH October

Present:  Sharon Wright    John Bedwell (JGB)     David Raeburn Jeanette Fenwick                    Carol Smith (Company Secretary)

Apologies:  Chris Hamilton    Karen Grant     Jean Bailey

As Sharon Wright stood down as Chair at the AGM on 23rd August CS took the role of Chair



CS welcomed the directors and wished them well within their role.



Sharon Wright was elected as the chair having been proposed by DR and seconded by JF.  This was supported by the whole Board.

Chris Hamilton was elected as the Treasurer having been proposed by SW and seconded by CH.  This was supported by the whole Board.

At this point CS stood down as the Chair and the role was taken on by SW



The minutes of the meeting of 8 August were approved by DR and seconded by JF.



There were no matters arising



The treasurer’s report was circulated previous to the meeting.  The key information is as below:


Grants Approved but still to be paid 114,905.96
New applications for Grants Pending Decision at Board Meeting in October – Maximum amount. 63,845.00
Maximum Total due for payment at end of October 178,750.96
Funds available for new grants if all above are paid and Eneco and Green Highland Renewables Payments included (detailed below) 228,153.13
Portion of 198,106.38 received from ENECO on 03/10/17 that is available for Grants after 4% deduction for Administration 190,486.90
Total Received from Green Highland Renewables & available for Grants 4,995.00


Balance available for Administration after inclusion of 7,619.48 from Eneco (the 4% referred to above) 13,675.22



 6.1The Garve & District Development Company 

Grant awarded £30,685

During the discussion it was suggested that the Development Officer should be independent of any local community groups and preferably from outwith the area, as recommended by Foundation Scotland.

It was unanimously agreed to provide the grant requested having been proposed by JGB and seconded by DR.



Grant awarded £pending

Following review of the application the Board considers the installation of owl boxes to be of potential benefit. However, to optimise any benefit, the Board would like to see this as an initiative across the whole GDCC area and would like to see support from the RSPB in delivering this.  The Board decided to leave this application as pending further to comments from the applicant regarding the observation by the LCT.



Grant awarded £pending

Following a detailed review of the information and quotes provided, the Board felt that they were unable to form a decision regarding this application as there were still unresolved issues and costs, namely the compensation negotiations with SSE, the cost of the land purchase for the borehole and also a detailed specification in order to review the quotes received.  In order to facilitate this application the Board would be willing to support the applicant in obtaining legal and technical advice.  A further application to LCT would need to be completed by the Mossford PWS Group to be awarded any funds to support the legal and technical costs.

Accordingly, the Board wishes for the applicant to contact Highland Council Environmental Health (Simon Pearce) to ascertain if HC can provide professional support, (or signpost the applicant to other independent professionals) that can help to:

  • create a specification for and undertake a technical review of quotations that can be used to achieve an appropriate solution and
  • provide the applicant/LCT with information regarding any costs associated with the creation of this specification and technical review.

The specification should provide for the following:

  1. A solution that restores the water supply/quality to that previous to the contamination by SSE
  2. A solution the improves the water supply in terms of its consistency to deliver households with wholesome water as defined by Part 3 of the Water Quality (Scotland) Regulations 2001 (or as have or may be updated by National or World Health Organisation water standards/regulations).

The purpose lying behind this request is to inform any legal judgement (or subsequent negotiation) relating to the current SSE offer and to what extent it does (or does not) contribute to any required betterment of the Mossford water supply.

LCT will ascertain whether Alpin Stewart, LCT Solicitor, would be able to provide legal support to the applicant in the negotiation with SSE and potential costs involved


  •  GDCE

GDCE will continue with New Local Energy Assessment options work with support from CES. Funding for work by CES to be forwarded to CES as and when appropriate, as with previous phases of the project

GDCE bank account has been set up

Energy Grant Application has gone live with promotion at the LXX Community Open Days and posters at notice boards, post office etc. Grant Application forms with energy survey questionnaire have gone to all households in GDCC area

Demand for low cost energy measures (low energy bulbs etc) will be assessed and actioned in response to energy survey questionnaire.  Approved funding from LCT (£8436) that is not used will be returned as and when appropriate

Assessment of demand for community wood fuel to be assessed from energy survey questionnaire

  • Strathgarve Primary School playground

Phase 1 of the playpark installation will begin on 26th/27th October with the smaller equipment being installed.  Phase 2 will be the tower and mud kitchen, which are still being built. The whole project should be completed by the end of November, if not sooner.


  • GDB Satellite Broadband

The Satellite Broadband Grant Scheme was launched in early May 2017 and closed on 31 July 2017.

 Despite relatively low take-up 9 applications, the approved funds would have covered 40 grants – the GDB Board decided not to extend the scheme.  Four applicants are existing satellite / dongle users, and five are new satellite users (one still to be confirmed). A total of £4470 will have been paid out in grants.  The initial grant paid to GDB was £22,500. The remaining funds of £18,030 were returned to LCT in August 2017.

Satellite has undoubtedly been of benefit to those who have taken it up, and for those who have obtained a subsidy for their existing broadband service. But it is surprising that take-up has been relatively low, given the reported importance of broadband to the community in recent surveys, and the undoubted benefits of satellite over BT for most parts of our area.

Opinions offered for this to date include 1) we don’t use it that much, 2) its only for a year, 3) I’d rather wait for something more permanent, 4) I am already in a contract with BT 5) data restriction could be a problem for me, 6) I don’t want a satellite dish. But there is no quantitative data. 

Whatever the reasons, two issues emerge:

1) Is the community’s reported desire for better broadband as strong as perceived?

2) The community needs to be fully aware of and fully signed up to any new permanent solution that is put in place to ensure substantial take-up. Specific one-to-one assistance may be needed for this 

GDB is addressing these issues directly in its work on gaining community agreement to a permanent broadband solution for the community, whether a wireless network or a Fibre to the Premises solution. It is currently planning presentations to the community for November

LCT has also received an application from GDB for Fibre to Premises valued at £257,500 and ongoing annual revenue costs up to a maximum of £27,000 per year.  It was agreed that a meeting would be organised for LCT and GDB to discuss the current situation and further applications.  It was generally agreed that for this level of funding there should be community consultation on this.


  • Wyvis Playpark

The fence is now complete for the playpark with the exception of the front which cannot be erected until the project is complete to allow vehicular access.  The initial groundwork has been completed and equipment is expected to be delivered by the end of October.  The equipment installation will take approximately 3 weeks after which the final groundwork and fencing can be completed. Final completion is anticipated by the end of November.



JGB raised a concern that LCT is being asked to review large value / complex applications.  As part of the review undertaken by Foundation Scotland LCT agreed that there may be times when external support and evaluation would be beneficial.  JGB suggested that there could be triggers set in the pre evaluation checklist (now in use by LCT) to highlight when it would be appropriate for Foundation Scotland (or other agency) to support the review of such applications and make recommendations to the Board.

Action:  CS to contact FS to ascertain costs for review of application

 Within the Highland Council community benefit agreement there is an allowance for LCT to obtain external support provided that it is agreed by all properties. This is being reviewed by EDF and an update on this is required.

Action: CS to obtain feedback from EDF on obtaining external support



There is no current update from EDF.  EDF have been asked to make a one off payment towards Company Secreterial costs and consideration of director time.



The funds from Green Highland Renewables have been gratefully received by LCT

Action:  CS to ascertain location and possible visit to the Hydro and also to obtain photos and logos for the LCT website



The directors present agreed to the original trustee code of conduct created by CS.  The code of conduct was signed by the directors present and will be posted to absent directors


  1. AOCB

Following advice from the HMRC website and LCT Accountant, Lynda Hardiment the role of Company Secretary is an employed role and as the Company Secretary now also has other income, pay must be reported monthly to HMRC.  CS will report monthly to HMRC using the HMRC Basic PAYE tool online.





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